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Outsource your web design projects to us and
save time, costs and effort!


Come and outsource your workload to a dedicated team of specialists at JustSimple, working as your own.

No matter what size your company is, we will work with you as closely as any in-house designer / developer team would, and we are available at all times.The model ensures low costs with services at the finest quality.

Virtual Teams

We have created a world class infrastructure from which we provide quality services to our clients. These teams work on the projects offshore hence these offices are termed as "Virtual Team". Based on yearly contract, hire an experienced, skilled team of developers, testers , designers depending on your requirements.

When you use a virtual team, you eliminate the need to acquire talented / professional staff, do not worry about payroll , income taxes , health benefits, timesheets, and workman's compensation.


24/7 Productivity. Short Turn-Around Time.

Turn around time is critical in this industry. With our own developed CMS Software and team of professional and experienced technical team, we can offer the natural advantage of quicker turn around time on both fixes and new features.



Our programmers and designers has a minimum of 3 ~ 5 Industry experience. Our company possess a wide range of custom programming skills including latest web application developing tools e.g. MySQL, Javascript, HTML, DHTML, XML, ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, Cold Fusion, AJAX etc to maintain the quality and reliability of the web application.


Effective Communication.

Language - Malaysia has a vast pool of English speaking resources. Programmers and designers are graduates and most of them are of computer science and multimedia majors. Their qualifications teamed with fluency in the language makes training easier and the quality of results delivered, higher.

Your Virtual Team, both developer, technical support and designer will be available to assist you through MSN, Skype, email & phone.