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JustSimple is a Malaysia web design company with extensive experience in all aspects of web, programming and digital media.


JustSimple offers businesses the experienced leadership needed to integrate business data and applications with the power of the Internet. We provide website development outsourcing, Open Source Web development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Online Marketing, Web Programming, Software Development and Training. Our services expand to traditional marketing efforts such as web site design, custom-designed presentations and graphic design services.

Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, JustSimple has after 10 years of being in business, developed the ultimate in web site solutions. We have developed our own website Content Management System (CMS), JustSimple ® CMS and created templates that integrate easily with each other. From an internet marketing point of view is the simplest to use, its more comprehensive, has more functions and makes use of Google Analytics, to analyze your site accurately. The template system means that from a humble start, you can upgrade your site quickly, efficiently and cheaply. If you want a more complex site, the same applies, we build it quickly, cheaply and its always easy to upgrade or add new modules.

JustSimple ® CMS is now Version 3 was officially released earlier this year in Malaysia, entering into the foray of available open source content management systems out there. However, we attempts to bring a few new features for our Resellers right out of the box, including White Label, User License, etc.

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